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is a major partner of public authorities and our ecosystem; we address the main issues of our markets

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Public Affairs

SECIMAVI maintains privileged relations with several Ministries (Economy, Industry and Digital, Culture & Communication and Ecological and Solidarity Transition), their General Directorates (DGE, DGMIC), as well as with regulatory bodies such as the CSA, ANFR and ARCEP.

Thanks to its affiliation to the FICIME, the SECIMAVI participates directly in the work of several ministerial and governmental commissions and authorities.



As a member of the Digital Audiovisual Forum (FAVN), SECIMAVI actively participates in television standardization activities.

SECIMAVI is part of the UltraHD and Spectrum working groups of FAVN and actively participates in several working groups within the CSA: CTEN, accessibility, international spectrum issues, digital terrestrial radio, RDS, loudness. Thanks to its affiliation to the FICIME, SECIMAVI participates directly in the work of several ministerial and governmental commissions and bodies.

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Private copy levy

SECIMAVI is a member of the Industrial College within the Private Copy Commission. This administrative commission determines the private copy levy scales for many media likely to store legal copies of audio or video files. Today, SECIMAVI, along with other professional unions that were former members of the Private Copying Commission and certain consumer organizations, is calling for a total overhaul of the applicable rates and for greater transparency in the calculation methods used. Thanks to its affiliation to the FICIME, the SECIMAVI participates directly in the work of several commissions and ministerial and governmental bodies.



Committed alongside the FICIME on several major environmental issues, the SECIMAVI actively participates in several working groups and commissions of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and ADEME-AFNOR: eco-design of products and energy labeling, re-use, reparability and end of life of products, energy bonus-malus (eco-modulation of scales), life span of electrical and electronic equipment, environmental scores.


SECIMAVI has been working closely with the ANFR (Agence nationale des Fréquences, www.recevoirlatnt.fr) throughout the deployment process of the 6 DTT HD channels and the digital rearrangements following the introduction of these new services. SECIMAVI’s manufacturers are attentive and available interlocutors of the public authorities, thus actively contributing to the success of these operations in France.

Digital Radio

SECIMAVI undertakes, for the benefit of its members, an intense lobbying activity for the rapid start-up in France of digital terrestrial radio using the European DAB+ standard, replacing the T-DMB standard, initially adopted in France. SECIMAVI also ensures coordination with authorities and radio broadcasters in order to raise awareness among the public, to make digital radio a success.

Commissions and clubs
SECIMAVI organizes several commissions and bimonthly meetings for and with its members

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Embedded Electronics Club

The Embedded Electronics Club brings together car radio, car audio and accessory manufacturers in the French market. It focuses on the evolution of in-car entertainment in a rapidly changing environment, helping members understand and make the most of the latest consumer trends.

Secimavi Club TV

TV Club

The TV Club brings together the technical and technical-marketing directors of member companies to discuss technological developments and the main topics of current interest in the television sector.

The meetings cover developments in signal transmission and compression techniques (DVB-T2, 5G, HEVC, AV1), ultra high definition (UHD), targeted advertising technologies, connected television (HbbTV), energy labelling of televisions, reparability index and environmental display of televisions and developments in the consumer electronics market (in collaboration with GfK).

secimavi syndicat materiel audio video informatique

Services, Products and Regulations

The Services, Products and Regulations Committee brings together the service directors of member brands to discuss changes in the profession, training needs and the impact on the profession of legislative and regulatory changes in the consumer code and environmental obligations.